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Suzhou Guomin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd (its predecessor is Shaoxing Xinxin Electronic Equipment Factory) was founded in 2002 and is an enterprise with high technology. It has been devoted to the capacity of independent research and development for many years and it possesses two lines of SMT flow line and other production and processing equipment of electronic products, intelligent rewinding machine, high-speed computer fixed length winding machine and two-for-one equipment, etc. In increasing modern market competitiveness, the company is focused on brand, creates registered trademarks of “Guomin”, and has various patents of invention, utility model and shape design and qualification of “inspection of weaving machine and weaving fabric”.

Since foundation, the company has made a special research in electronic direction and has improved traditional weaving equipment in light of belief that “Stage is as big as your heart” to integrate science into machines and give full play to system of mechanical automation. It also strives to create flow process of professional production, automatic production and scientific production in weaving machines in order to provide the forefront energy-saving and double quality guarantee.
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