GML-6C detection and control device of silk length
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Detection and control device of fixed length is a weaving machine to measure yarn length. It sets tension adjustment device above because detection and control precision should be ensured through constant tension of flow yarns. However, the silk has different thickness, materials and flexibility, so the detection and control of each yarn need to be equipped with different models of detection and control device of fixed length. Our company has overcome the defects of current science and provides a combined detection and control device of fixed length with tensioner, which has characters of wide application scope and low production cost.

The function of detection and control device of fixed length is to measure yarn length flowing through yarn guide and the function of various tensioners is to maintain constant tension of various yarns. Tableting tensioner, gate-type tensioner and R-type tensioner can individually combines detection and control device into a combined detection and control device of fixed length with tensioner and unique technology.

The static energy consumption of single spindle is just 16mA with outstanding energy-saving character. The control has no main engine and all the extensions can issue order as subject. In case of damage to individual engine, the equipment will run normally and operate conveniently.

This product has been sold in large batches since its successful development in 2007 to now, which effectively solves length deviation of winding and remains zero surplus silk number to save long silk, improve calico quality and produce high-quality cloth. It has been sold to East China, North China and South China, etc. besides, our products have a good reputation in international markets, such as India, Indonesia and Vietnam by their excellent quality.
This kind of products has national patent and the patent numbers are:

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